The Founding Fathers

Aaron Crowe
Objective Taker
Game Manager/Founder/CEO
Most likely to die from random RPG
Much rather play SnD than Warzone
“What in the FUCK”

Michael Clendenen
The badass of the group
Close Quarters Expert
Will push teams with no warning and then complain when no one follows
Has never done anything wrong in his gaming career

Allen Lampton
Medic and Pessimist of the group
Sniping Expert
Will revive you in the middle of battle
Will quit if he sees Shipment
“I hate this game”

Derrick Mcintyre
Lone Wolf of the group
Chad and 1v1 Expert
Will engage team while 500m from closest teammate
DeadlyPaddle and him make a dangerous combo
“Team on me! I’m pushing! Shit I’m down”

Justin Chalk
Camper of the group
RPG Expert
Will flank but get there after everyone’s dead
Gets head shotted by Desert Eagle every time
” Guys on me… I need help!!”

Matthew Thomas
Canadien of the group
Battle Royale Expert
Most likely to give you all the advice during the heat of battle
Hates DeadlyPaddle

Shelby Quick
Wildcard of the group
Sniping Expert
Will either be at the top of the leaderboard or the bottom, no in between
Sponsored by Miller Lite
” I’m not switching to PS4 guys”

Stuart Magee
Captain of the group
Morale Expert
Will say he is going to walk the dog and not play again for a month
Always ends up in 6v1’s in SnD
” Wow they didn’t even use lube”